PowerPoint Presentations Do’s and Don’ts

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Microsoft Office’s PowerPoint is the backbone of many marketing companies for their presentations and documents. Or we can call it our old friend who knows our needs better than us. Who’s always present there to help us with their awesome preloaded features. That’s why PowerPoint is one of the great programs for the marketer. 

Woman doing a presentation about the project


Here are some tips which you need to DO and DON’T- 



  1. Know your target marketRe-targeting Illustration concept.

All marketing actions should begin here. It is the exact same for discussions, regardless of their intended purpose. Your information, design, and style should be based upon what your target market will understand and react to. 

  1. Produce a framework

Points can quickly spiral uncontrollably if you dive directly into designing the document, without a framework in position. 

Also if you are producing a discussion to show a current item of web content, you will still need to tailor it to PowerPoint specifics regarding the quantity of information, sequence of ideas, spoken information used when providing it, and so on. 

  1. Use keywords

This will help you communicate a powerful message and maintain your audience’s attention. It also helps you immensely in creating the discussion flow. 

Marketing Director Finding Keywords For The Site

First of all, the topic of your discussion will be your main keyword and it will possibly be included in the discussion title. You will have another set of keywords within the approach of your discussion. 

  1. Use a clear font style

Choose a clear font style and type dimension. Do not use eccentric font styles that will make it difficult to create the real words. Stay with standard, easy-to-read font styles, ideally sans-serif (font styles such as Arial or Helvetica). This will also minimize the risk of actually having your font styles replaced when sending out to other individuals. 

  1. Be wise about colors

If your brand name book currently has a shade combination you are good to go. If you are doing something various, you will want to make certain you are using the appropriate colors: not too bright, high comparison, consistent. 

A shade that appears great on your monitor doesn’t always appear great on the cinema you will be using to present. 



  1.  Overuse shifts, computer animations, and sound

These impacts are meant to be used scarcely, to increase the impact of one idea. They can become an interruption very quickly. 

Maintain your message front and center and spice up your discussion with improving aspects at completion. Most discussions are simply an aesthetic aid; if you overload them, the target market will end up attempting to read the moves and not taking note of you. 

  1. Use hard-to-read color mixes and fonts

Keep away from red/green, brownish/green, blue/black, blue/purple mixes. Rather, go for a high comparison between history and text. Also, do not use bright history shades that will strain your audience’s eyes. 

You should also try not to use various shades and fonts on every single slide. Your template will assist with this. 

  1. Use common video and stock pictures

If you are most likely to choose aesthetic aspects, ensure they are properly designed and suited for your target market. Do not use generic clipart you found on Google, that is simply offending for your target market. 

The exact same opts for stock pictures that appear the exact same and have been used by everybody. Chances are someone has seen or used that picture also, so rather helpful, it actually hurt your point. 

  1. Think the moves are for you

Too many people appear to think PowerPoint is simply a speech handout. Your discussion is meant to assist the target market to follow you and to give the hints to arrange the information you’re sharing, it is not a substitute. 


So these were some ideas to do and don’t in Microsoft PowerPoint. These ideas can be helpful in making your presentation more effective and attractive.  



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