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Our expertise in creating brand-centric communication around various social media channels makes us an expert in giving your brand an extra edge.


Social media communities thrive on energy around a channel. Without a great message, you cannot turn millions of followers on social media to turn up at your website. This is why you have to create a unique message every day while you are communicating with an audience that gets bored easily. Diverting the traffic from a social media channel is not difficult but needs understanding what makes communities tick and creating campaigns accordingly.

A complete array of activities can be engineered around your brand so that the customer is compelled to hit the link to your website and compulsively make a buying decision. An integrated communication can help multiply social media visitors and divert them to your website. At Perfect Impact, we build campaigns for age-specific, demography-specific as well as theme-based events that can create a magnetic pull towards your website.

We spread your message by using the word of mouth and create a compelling proposition. Our quantifiable metrics can help you maximize returns from a campaign. Perfect Impact delivers results with measurables like increased traffic and click-through rates giving you complete control of the metrics.