What is internal linking and Why is it important?

internal linking

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To create new pages and understanding how the Internal linking works on this, is extremely important, especially when trying to improve your search engine rankings for a specific keyword or phrase.

All of us attempt to use one of the most advanced methods and techniques to optimize our website to place in the top results of SERPs. However, sometimes, we have the tendency to neglect the basic yet fundamental methods that can help our website place well. Among these is the on-page SEO method, internal linking. And this is what we’ll read about today.


What is internal linking?

Internal linking is a technique to link or connect a web page to another web page of your website. Sounds easy right? However, using this method effectively is important.

There are currently a lot of links in the drop-down menus and navigation area on your website. Using your on-page web content to take advantage of internal linking makes it an important SEO method.

For example, if you produce a brand-new web page on your website about email marketing, You can include internal links to this web page from various other related pages on your website.


Why is it Important?

  1. Produces a website hierarchy

Internal links also help you develop a hierarchy of information on your website. For example, it can consist of links from your home page to various other subcategory web pages on your website. After that, those web pages can connect to web pages that are also deeper in the style of your website.

Web developer linking websites illustration

This helps to include structure for your website, and it produces an info hierarchy that allows users to more easily navigate your website and locate the information they need.

  1. Connections in between web content

Google uses a bot called Googlebot, for crawling websites by following internal and external links. This bot appears on the homepage of a website, starts creating the website, and follows the first link.

Web Developer Linking Websites For SEO Traffic

By following the links, Google can establish the connection between the various pages, news, and other web content. This enables Google to find out which web pages on your website deal with similar topics.

  1. Improves navigation

Your website’s navigation can have a huge effect on the overall success of your website, and it affects user-friendliness, search engine rankings, and conversions.

A Man Linking Websites For Better SEO Traffic

Internal links are commonly used in the main navigation of a website and allow users to easily navigate your website to find the information they need.

  1. Link Value

Google not only divides the relationship between web content but also the link value across all links on a website. Oftentimes, a website’s home page has the best link value because it has one of the most backlinks.

Web developer linking websites on sofa vector

This link value is the same for all links found on this particular homepage. The link value passed to the following page will be split in between the links on that particular web page, and so forth.

So your latest article has more link value if you call it up from the homepage instead of just from the category page. And Google finds new posts faster when connected from the homepage.

  1. Reduces Bounce rate

If your website has a bounce rate of 80%, it means that 80 out of 100-page visitors will leave your website after visiting just one webpage. Bounce rate is a factor that determines how your website ranks in search results, and Google considers websites with lower bounce prices to be of higher quality.

  1. Increase Website Visits

Internal links not only help lower the hop rate but can also increase the number of page visits to your website.

The developer optimizing the search engine

When a crawler comes to your website and crawls links. Then it follows those links also which you interlink other pages to this website, and Crawler goes through this link to your other web pages and helps to increase page views.



If you are among the lots of companies that ignore the power of internal linking, today is the day to modify that.

Not just will they make a huge difference in your SEO results, but they could not be easier to implement. Besides, including interconnecting to your web content does not depend upon anybody but on your own and your group.


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