Why should you get an SSL Certificate for your website?

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If you or your company own a website, in that case, an SSL Certificate is very crucial for the security of the website, SSL Certificate stands for secure sockets layer certificate, and it is installed in a web server and assures that the data transferred between the server and browser remains safe and secured whenever you see an HTTPS instead of an HTTP it means the website owns an SSL certificate. Its data is encrypted; the certificate includes the domain name, company or individual it was assigned to, date of the issuing and expiration of the certificate, public key, etc. There are many reasons why your website needs an SSL certificate.

 Some of them are:

  •       Data security

The SSL certificate protects your confidential data from getting leaked and helps with various other factors. It assures users to upload their data without any security concerns. As the data is encrypted, the hackers’ attempt to reach your data would be useless, creating a safe space for sensitive data like credit card details, passwords, etc. There are several SSL certificates; the subdomains will also be protected apart from the main website.

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  •       Customer loyalty

If your website is SSL certified, then your website’s link will have a padlock icon beside it; this gives the customers a sense of relief when customers can be sure of their data not getting leaked, then there arises a bond of trust, and hence customers trust the company and their website, they consider the website a safe platform where they can enter their data, it will also assure the customers that the website is legitimate and the data entered is encrypted. Hence, they will be much more interested in doing business with your company.




  •       Identity theft protection

When using the internet, certain factors can hamper the growth of your brand, one of how this happens is when someone pretends to be you, and this can happen in the case of a website too, SSL certificate makes sure that there is no fake web server that is trying to replicate your website, therefore only your verified website stays on the internet.


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  •       SEO boost

Having an SSL certificate will result in your website gaining higher SEO rankings, which means your website will be ranked higher while users search for something related to the work done by your company. Google requires this certification if you need your website to show up in the search results more frequently. Indeed, all new websites should be launched with SSL certificates applied. It shows visitors that your site is verified and that it’s safe from hackers.


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  •       Important for PCI

Another crucial reason you get an SSL certificate is for PCI standards, which stands for Payment Card Industry; an SSL certificate is one of the factors required to accept card details, so if your company accepts payments, then an SSL certificate is required essential. Therefore it assures secure online transactions.

  •       Provides authentication

An SSL certificate assures your customers that they are surfing through a genuine website and not a fake one; it gives the user a sense of security and builds trust.


SSL certificate



  •        Encrypts data

An SSL certificate prevents hackers from snatching your data by encrypting it, which means that the data would be in a coded language that only the admin will have hold of.

Therefore consider getting an SSL certificate for your website and consider it a kind of an investment that will repay you shortly; the benefits are endless, your customer base will trust your brand’s server, your confidential data will be safe and secured, hackers will be kept away, SEO rankings will be boosted, traffic will increase, and your website will also accept payments.






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